We provide hitting and catching lessons customized to each athletes unique frame and muscle structure. This enables the athlete to maximize agility and power.

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Mental Training

For teams and individuals, our mental training program is a critical component of athletic success, and involves developing the psychological skills needed to perform at a high level.

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Camps & Clinics

Join us for one of our group camps or clinics. You will have the chance to work with our highly skilled coaches on various aspects of your game and refine your skills.

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Athlete Empowerment

Partner with us to help ensure every athlete, regardless of their background, has access to elite coaching, training, and mentorship.

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Book an Evaluation

Get a 1-on-1 assessment of your skills with one of our Regional coaches. This assessment will allow your coach to identify areas that need improvement and develop a personalized training program that will help you make the necessary adjustments.

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DROPBOMBS Mental Training Journal

This journal is available at Barnes & Nobles, making it easy for anyone to access. It contains daily exercises and prompts to help athletes develop mental toughness, resilience, and confidence.

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Become a Member to Receive Exclusive Benefits

By becoming a member, you'll have access to exclusive benefits, including personalized training programs, discounted rates on lessons, and priority scheduling.

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Sign up for a Clinic

Our camps provide players with opportunities to learn from experienced coaches, meet other players from around the area, and build confidence and teamwork skills.

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